About Fit U

A little insight on the founder of Fit U, David Dick. David is extremely knowledgeable in the fitness industry and can not wait to get started helping people improve themselves. Fit U is looking at a Fall 2019 Grand Opening, but David is currently taking in clients for personal and small group training.

How we’re starting fit u

Over the last several months we have been polling the local community to find out what they would really like in a wellness center for the entire family. Things like childcare, locker rooms, showers, infrared saunas, medical grade tanning, cardio equipment, circuit equipment, freeway equipment, a fitness studio, small group training, personal training, etc..

We will easily be the largest family Wellness center in the area, that's what we decided to do. But we wanted to make sure people had the opportunity to not use all of those things, if they were NOT interested in it. So we will have two membership programs. A fit U membership gives you access to the full facility including the locker rooms, infrared saunas, tanning, cardio equipment, circuit equipment, free weight equipment, and access to to our full lineup of other amenities available for purchase as it appeals to you. Our Fit U+ membership has all the benefits of the Fit U membership plus free access to all of our general wellness activities (classes in our studio. The list of those classes are still in the works as we diligently look for high-quality trainers, things like Zumba, Pilates, yoga, meditation, etc.

The biggest benefit to the Fit U+ membership is access to our partner company, which will provide on-site health and wellness coaching to help eat individual specifically with their journey. Not only a in the physical (fitness) area, but also in the nutritional and cognitive areas. So basically, helping people learn how to eat specifically for them and their goals as well help in the mental area like stress management, better sleep quality, better quality relationships, etc. It really is about you. That wellness coach gets to act like a project manager to truly help the individual get to where they want to be in the best way possible. There will also be on site chiropractors to provide assessments and adjustments for those Fit U+ members. We know these chiropractors well because they have been working on me for the last 5 years as we've gone through different things in my life like injuries or car accidents, things like that. So we can personally vouch for their work as they've helped us and our families for quite a while already.