Fit U FAQ’s

 When will you be opening?

  • Late Fall/Early Winter of 2019

Where is Fit U located?

  • We are at 1233 Janesville Ave. Fort Atkinson, WI

What will be the hours for the Child Care?

  • The hours for child Care will start off specific to the members needs and then as the needs grow we will offer more and more options. We are even debating about doing a daycare, possibly even a 24-hour daycare, depending on the needs of the community.

What type of classes will you be offering?

  • We plan on offering many more varieties of classes as we find community interest and trainers to teach them. Sometimes, that's the hardest part. We will make sure to update the fit U Facebook page as we are able to reliably add wellness activities such as different class options. 

  • Please let us know if you have any class recommendations. We look forward to bringing the best quality and most effective wellness activities available to help our members reach their goals

Do you offer group/business/family/couple discounts?

  • We are actually doing tons of market research on membership pricing right now to find out what people want to see how we can accommodate them. Based on that research, we strive to come up with appropriate but affordable pricing. Tough to make everyone happy.

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