What's in Your Egg?


Don’t be afraid of egg yolks. Egg yolks are your friend.

It seems like the world continues to sway back and forth on if eggs are healthy or not. So let’s break it down.

Due to the fat & cholesterol in egg yolks, it is going to be debated until the end of time whether or not eggs are bad for your health. However, studies have found time and time again that the cholesterol in eggs has no effect on overall blood cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol aside, one thing you simply cannot debate is how nutrient-rich egg yolks truly are. While egg whites are a great source of protein, if you remove yolks completely, you’re missing out on so much more!

Eating egg whites is a popular choice amongst dieters because they are super low calorie and high protein. If volume eating is your goal, you can eat significantly more egg whites for the same amount of calories as whole eggs. But again, you’re leaving lots of nutrients on the table…or in the trash.

Personally, I opt for whole eggs. If I am watching calories and/or trying to maximize volume, sometimes I will add extra egg whites to my eggs. But leaving the yolks out just isn’t the same! I love those little guys.

For me, nothing beats an over-easy egg with a runny yolk… on top of pretty much anything. How do you like your eggs? 🍳